The New, Intelligent SAP Service Cloud Powers the Future of Customer Service

We love it when people exceed expectations. Whether it’s an athlete who steps up to replace an injured starter or a team that pulls together to deliver exceptional results, it is inspiring to see long-held assumptions about potential turned upside down.

Now, service organizations have an opportunity to exceed traditional expectations in the same way. Instead of being considered simply a means of connection and cost containment post-customer purchase, intelligent service teams can become a strategic driver to direct value back to the business.

The new intelligent SAP Service Cloud revolutionizes customer service by delivering meaningful customer connections throughout a customer life cycle. Focusing on speed, insights, and accuracy, SAP Service Cloud resolves customer issues at unmatched speed — protecting the brands promise and securing future growth.

This release re-imagines how service is executed by:

  • Connecting to customers throughout the life cycle. Pre-, during, and post-transaction, intelligent customer connections bring the right information at the right time to delight customers.
  • Putting the service agent back in control with a reimagined agent console that provides instant visibility of every customer interaction.
  • Driving greater accuracy and accountability with powerful case management workflows that help ensure the right expertise is applied to resolving customer issues.
  • Helping agents resolve issues faster and deliver better customer experiences through Qualtrics XM Discover, which uses AI and conversational analytics to enable contact center teams to automate post-call tasks and flag compliance risks.
  • Enabling remote workers to seamlessly engage with customers and collaborate to solve critical issues through native integration with Microsoft Teams.
  • Increasing business agility and enhanced services experiences through low-code/no-code application development. SAP AppGyver enables non-technical users to adapt the application to meet the evolving needs of the service experience.
  • Achieving greater speed, scalability, and availability in the cloud by supporting all hyperscaler platforms.

Constant change is a business opportunity. Seize it!

The service center is the new profit center. Today’s customer transaction is the start of a long relationship to come. Clients expect add-ons, options, and subscriptions, which create incremental revenue streams for business.

Think of automobile manufacturing. Until recently, a car driven off the dealer’s lot was essentially complete. The consumer could add some after-market enhancements, such as a roof rack or pinstriping, but the vehicle was effectively finalized. Service reps could use the vehicle information to manage, maintain, and service the car. Compare that to the current generation of electric vehicles. Over-the-air updates are essential, and they can fundamentally alter the performance of the vehicle. Regular digital updates mean that the car is never complete.

As service becomes more complex, intelligent customer service professionals struggle with not knowing which products have shipped, whether updates were executed, or about desired customer features or complaints. Without access to current information across the demand and supply chain, service teams are disconnected from the rest of the organization.

We built the new intelligent SAP Service Cloud to seize the opportunity to expand business models. With a highly composable, adaptable architecture, the new SAP Service Cloud can natively make the critical connections to data, intelligence, and applications across your value chain to enable speed and accuracy for customer issue resolution.

Built on the world-class SAP Business Technology Platform, we have built the next-generation agent console, one that delivers the right information, at the right time — from SAP S/4HANA systems such as billing and invoicing, as well as external sources — without expensive third-party tools.

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