Manage companies more efficient in vendor documents processing, improving control functionalities and avoiding potential fraud.

Venus Synodic is a web-based digital platform application that works as engine for digital documents exchange between companies and vendors. Through this digital platform, vendors would be able to register their own company as vendors independently, upload their own products in the vendor catalogue, participating in bidding, upload invoice documents and tracking the progress of payment milestone.


Offering complete lifecycle solution for ERP Augmentation in procurement and finance processing. Venus Synodic running in two mode, standalone mode as well as integrated mode with other open API’s application system


Single Identity Vendor Profile: Venus Synodic having a duplicate data detection system to avoid overlap information among vendors. All vendors information should be exactly the same and in line with vendor master data on Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system. Admin users are able to define the keyword as prerequisite to run data detection system. Below is the list of default key word which normally recommended:

  • Company Name
  • NPWP
  • Contact Person—Email


Vendor Digital Market Place: Vendors are able to put their products and services in digital catalogue system. Vendors also allowed to provide their e-brochures, presentation documents as well as short video.


Improve validation and document checking: Every invoice that uploaded to the system would be validated and synchronized with the issued purchase order. Finance team are able to view and compare those both documents. System will inform some suggestion base on holistic tracking of the vendors to ensure smooth processing


Transparences and configurable : When invoice documents are submitted, each party is able to monitor the whole process of the payment’s milestone. The tracking system function equipped with graphical tracking system display which contain detail information of each process. Below is the list of information would be showed:

  • Performer
  • Start date
  • Due date
  • Complete data


Centralized Digital Document and Workflow Capabilities : Content repository is an enterprise content management system that have capability to archive and relate each object and documents through business workspace functionality. Users able to create graphical document workflow easily by using drag and drop feature. For compliance purpose, content repository also equipped with read completed control capabilities, to ensure users read the documents.


  • Lower hardware costs. Many organizations don’t fully utilize their hardware resources. Instead of investing in another server, organizations can spin up virtual servers instead.
  • Quicker Desktop Provisioning and Deployment. Deploying a new physical server often takes numerous time-consuming steps. However, with virtualized systems, organizations can deploy new virtual servers quickly using secure pre-configured server templates.
  • Enhanced Data Security. Virtualization streamlines disaster recovery by replicating your servers in the cloud. Since Venus Synodic are independent of the underlying hardware, organizations don’t need the same physical servers offsite to facilitate a secondary recovery site. In the event of a disaster, employees able to roll back online quickly with a cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solution.
  • Smaller Footprint. Utilizing virtualization reduces the office space needed to maintain and extend IT capabilities while also freeing up desk space to support more employees.